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Video describing how to set up the Shopify Shop section How to make the search functionality to work Log into your shopify admin panel Click on “Online store” Then on the “More” – three dots button, click on “Edit HTML/CSS” Click on “Add new template” Select search and for name enter “json” Enter just the

The Gallery module support 4 type of galleries: Facebook Instagram Flickr Google+ / Picasa To change the gallery type change the value of the “Select your gallery source”. Facebook Gallery  The Facebook gallery is our most used gallery type. All you need is to find your Facebook page ID and enter in the “Facebook Page

The video stream module is robust module that can handle both video and sound streaming. The module works with HTTP based streaming but make sure the streaming link works both in iOS and Android. You can set up different streaming link for iOS and Android. The video streaming module can be incorporated in as many

In the videos section you can display videos from Youtube and Vimeo. Youtube If you choose youtube you can display latest users uploads, favourites  or some specific playlist videos. In general all this falls down to display playlist videos because youtube organises all the videos as playlists. So our suggestion is, if you want to

The news module support 4 types of sources WordPress Joomla RSS Cloud CMS Shopify Blog News WordPress First, you need to install this plugin ( Download now ) inside your wordpress site. Don’t forget to activate it. In your WordPress admin go in “Settings->Permalink” and make sure “Post Name” is selected. Now go in Mobidonia’s studio and continue the