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One of the most used components in our system is the Facebook Gallery. The images in the Facebook Gallery are directly fetched from the Facebook Server. The problem is that the Images size is not square and not suitable in most cases for the image gallery photo dimensions. So we need on fly image resizing

How to find Facebook Page id If you are admin of the page. Open the page you want to show gallery from. Right next to the “Profile Photo” and “Timeline” there is “About” tab. Click on it. On the bottom of that page, you have the page id. If you are not admin, use this

Step 1 Submit your application here Step 2 Optional Step – Only if you want simulator app for your brand. Required if you are planing to create your own branded simulator, remember it is 300$ per year, you need you to make and submit the following graphics on our email contact [at] PNG 1024×1024 px app icon PNG

To obtain live PayPal credentials, you must have a verified Premier or verified Business PayPal account. First we suggest to test how the paypal button works. In the “PayPal AppID” field in “Cloud CMS->Shop->Settings” you can enter the global sandbox testing paypal id ant that is : APP-80W284485P519543T When you are ready to go Live

When you receive paypal payments through your app, you will receive an order in Mobidonia Studio. But sometimes you need to be instantly notified about the payment. That’s why PayPal has IPN (Instant Payment Notification). Paypal sends complete info for the payment on the specified url. Here is getting started guide for the IPN Url.