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The App’s store section consist of 4 steps. Step 1: Icon and splash  In this step you should upload app icon ( 1024 x 1024 ) PNG image that is not transparent. You should also upload the app splash screens. Step 2: Description In this step you should enter your app description and app keywords.

Each sections contains different values that should be managed / changed. Text Field This is the most used element in the app builder. You just have to enter text or number Text Area The text are form field is powerful element where you can enter long text, normal or HTML. You can also add images

The sections menu is the most important menu of your app. Here you can manage the sections in your app. By default you will have few predefined sections based on the app type you have choose. Adding new section Step 1. Click on the “Add section” button Step 2. Select the Section you want to

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1. Metro Navigation Features Number of leading items: The top tile (leading items ), can be 1,2 or no leading items. Colours used:You can choose to display navigation colour, or display list colours as colours of the tiles.  So there is a way to have different colour for each tile. 2. List Navigation The list

In this menu you can stylise you app. Here you will see the 3 tabs in the top. 1.Images In the images tab, you can upload the App logo, Home background and Standard window background. We have recently introduced the easy and advance mode. In the easy mode you will have to upload the logo

From late 2015 Mobidonia have “Home Slide Show”. It is is an automatic or manual scroll view that appears behind the “Slide Menu”. In order to use the “Home slide show” you have to set “Slider” as your app main navigation. In this video you will learn how to use the “Home Slide Show”

The Dashboard menu contains some basic statistics and app informations App info In the first box you can find the main app setting, like id, name, billing method, icon and links to the app on the app stores. In the next box you can view the total app download and link to the app share

In the dashboard menu you can find the option to clone your existing app. This will clone all the app data and media resources. The app will have different id, and will be separate app in the system. Later on you can modify it like any other app. First think you should do is to

There are 3 different types of users in Mobidonia Administrator Normal user Moderator Administrator Administrator is user in mobidonia who can manage all users apps. Normal users Normal users can make unlimited apps in mobidonia and manage only their own apps. To become normal user in mobidonia you can register for user account here. You