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Setting up reseller account

Step 1

Submit your application here

Step 2

Optional Step – Only if you want simulator app for your brand.

Required if you are planing to create your own branded simulator, remember it is 300$ per year, you need you to make and submit the following graphics on our email contact [at]

  • PNG 1024×1024 px app icon
  • PNG 2208×2208 px work used for splash screen, where the logo or other important artwork is placed within the center 1000×1000 pixels or so

Step 3

Set up your domain

Primary domain ( ex. )

Make your domain or subdomain to point to our server.

To do this you have to create a Host Record , CNAME – Alias in your domain  that points to

If your domain is connected to some host and you have cPanel, you can click on DNS Zone Editor and add this record in your domain.

Set up resizing options

Timthumb.php is leading worldwide php library that does on fly image resize.

You will need php enabled web hosting / server where you will host this library.

You can manage the cache and other resources that this library uses.

How to setup this library.

  1. Download this zip file with modified timthumb version that allows all external sites.
  2. Unzip it
  3. Upload the timthumb.php on your server/host
  4. Give us the link to your timthumb file located on you server/host