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Sections menu

The sections menu is the most important menu of your app.

Here you can manage the sections in your app.

By default you will have few predefined sections based on the app type you have choose.

Adding new section

Step 1. Click on the “Add section” button

Step 2. Select the Section you want to add.


You can reorder your section by “Drag & Drop”. The drag starts by click on the left side of the section.

Special kind of section is the “Folder”. In the folder you can add another sections.

Change section icon

To change the app icon, click on the “eye” icon in the section list

A pop up will appear where you can choose from predefined icons, or upload your own icon / icon set.

Change section name

Click on the “pencil” icon in the section list.

Then a pop-up will appear where you can enter the new section name

Delete section

To delete any section click on the “x” in the end of each section.

Manage section content

To manage the section content and action click on the “action” icon the the list of sections.