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Pricing plans

In this article we will explain you all the plans and terms in mobidonia.

There are 3 different pricing plans: Starter, Premium, Maximum and Maximum PRO.

Each app has it’s own pricing. So you can select different or same pricing for your apps.

With one plan you can make only one app. ( Check the term “one app” )

Apps in plans

Starter Premium Maximum
Maximum PRO
iPad x

The pricing plans over time can change, but your app pricing will stay the same ( name can change but not price )

In each plan you have access to Analytic s, Push Notification, able to test the app in simulator while you make it. Each plan has access to all section – modules available in Mobidonia.


Live updates, is the process when you are changing some section or app settings. This updates are automatically available in your app. All the plans have this functionality. Lear more about “Live updates” here. You have unlimited number of “Live Updates”.

Regular updates. In Starter plan you have 2 free regular updates. In Premium and Once you have 4 free regular updates. Regular updates are updates that require app republishing. Learn more here.  We don’t think you will go over this number because, settings that require republishing are not changed that often. Each additional regular update cost 50$.

If there is a bug, and app needs to be republished, this doesn’t count and doesn’t cost extra.

Payment type

We off three types of payment. Monthly, Annually ( Yearly ) and Once

Monthly payments, are payments when you pay for the app each month ( we calculate this as 30 day period). This is about 20% more expensive then the Annually payment.

Annually payments, are payments when you pay the app only once in a year (365 days). About 20% cheaper if you pay each month. This is our recommend payment type.

for 2 / 3 years, is payment type where you pay each 2nd or 3th year. ( Max and Max Pro ).

Pricing Table

Starter Premium Maximum Maximum PRO
Pay monthly 48$ 58$ / /
Pay annually 38$x12m = 456$ 48$*12m=576$ / /
for 2 years
/ / 780$ /
for 3 years / / / 1080$

Payment Method

You can pay the invoice through and via Visa or Master Card. You can also pay through MoneyGram or Wester Union.

Reseller Pricing

Starter Premium Maximum Maximum PRO
Pay monthly 36$ 44$ / /
Pay annually 29$*12m=348$ 36$*12m=432$ / /
for 2 years / / 585$ /
for 3 years / / / 810$