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Navigations styles

1. Metro Navigation


  • Number of leading items: The top tile (leading items ), can be 1,2 or no leading items.
  • Colours used:You can choose to display navigation colour, or display list colours as colours of the tiles.  So there is a way to have different colour for each tile.

2. List Navigation

The list navigation style is the most advanced one.


  • List color fill: Choose to put colours on the icons only, on complete row, or don’t put colour at all. In the image above, there is colour only on the icon.
  • Show icon: You can choose to show or hide icons.In the image above, there is icon show
  • List style: The list can be full width ( as in the image above ), Boxed centre|left|right

List display mode

This is special option where you can select “Centre” or “Side Menu”. In the image above we  have chosen to display the list in the centre, and the sections are opened in new window.

When we select “Side menu” the complete navigation is changed. It puts the list in the left, as side menu similar to the native Android side style. Here is an example of an app that uses this style.

This app uses:

  • List color fill: Don’t put colour
  • Show icon: Set to no
  • List style: Boxed centre
  • List display mode: Side menu

On this image you can see how one section ( in this case the sound streaming section ) is opened in same window as the menu. This is useful when you want to show some section as soon as the app starts. Like in this case, the radio stream of this radio app.

3.Slide Navigation

This type of navigation creates multiple navigation slides-pages. So make sure that most important sections, you have on the first page.


  • Number of columns: Change the number of items in row (3,4,5).
  • Number of rows: Change the number of rows (1,2,3)