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Manage section content

Each sections contains different values that should be managed / changed.

Text Field

This is the most used element in the app builder.

You just have to enter text or number

Text Area

The text are form field is powerful element where you can enter long text, normal or HTML. You can also add images inside the HTML but they have to be hosted on your own server.

Image upload

In the image upload field you can upload PNG image with specific size. The image can be transparent.

Option select

In the options select form element, you can change the selected options, by clicking on it. Only one options can be selected.

Multiple values

We use this kind of form element so you can enter complex list of values inside the system. We use it in our contact list component to manage the list of contacts.

Here is screenshots of it.

When click on the “pencil” button, a list of values to be edited appears.

Color picker

In the color picker you can select new color by clicking on the right color box.

You can also add transparent color by modifying the value of the color manually.

ex. #FFe04b4b  – Full color
#88e04b4b – Semi transparent
#00e04b4b – Fully transparent

Where the first two values are the opacity in HEX value.