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Image resizing options

One of the most used components in our system is the Facebook Gallery.

The images in the Facebook Gallery are directly fetched from the Facebook Server.

The problem is that the Images size is not square and not suitable in most cases for the image gallery photo dimensions.

So we need on fly image resizing solution. Without it the app will work, but some images may look blurry, stretched or so.

You can choose one of this two resizing options

  1. Cloudinary
  2. Timthumb.php resize solution

Cloudinary ( ) is leading cloud based image management system. It also support on fly Facebook image resizing.

All you need to do is to create a Cloudinary account and provide your cloud name if requested to our agents upon making the app. The cloud name is located in the Dashboard page. We suggest to get extra storage by spreading the word about cloudinary ( top right box ) or if you need buy some plan.  You can have different account for each app you make.

Timthumb.php is leading worldwide php library that does on fly image resize.

You will need php enabled web hosting / server where you will host this library.

You can manage the cache and other resources that this library uses.

How to setup this library.

  1. Download this zip file with modified timthumb version that allows all external sites.
  2. Unzip it
  3. Upload the timthumb.php on your server/host
  4. Give us the link to your timthumb file located on you server/host