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Getting the PayPal App id

To obtain live PayPal credentials, you must have a verified Premier or verified Business PayPal account.

First we suggest to test how the paypal button works. In the “PayPal AppID” field in “Cloud CMS->Shop->Settings” you can enter the global sandbox testing paypal id ant that is : APP-80W284485P519543T

When you are ready to go Live you should do the following

  1. Go to PayPal developers and login with you Premier / Business credentials
  2. Once you log in, go to Create and manage Classic API apps
    or on this link directly
  3. Create new app, and enter all the required info.
  4. You will receive one Sandbox ID and this is your Sandbox App ID.
  5. LiveID will be pending. After paypal review your app, you can use that Live ID in your app
  6. Enter the Sandbox App id in mobidonia and test the app with it.
  7. When your Live ID is ready and paypal have review your app enter that ID in mobidonia and change the PayPal status to LIVE.

For up to date documentation go on paypal documentation here:

In general this is how you should fill out the form

  1. Click on “New application”
  2. Enter title like “Pizza Payments”
  3. Select “Other Mobile”
  4. In description enter like “We will offer direct payments in our Cross platform app, where user can pay for their ordered pizza”
  5. Industry
    – Non of the above
    – and bellow “Services”
  6. Select “Basic Payments”
    – Select Checkout, Send Money or Parallel Payments and Get Payment Details
  7. Enter Expected monthly payment volume and average transaction amount in US
  8. Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy? , If you have user policy in the  website enter the url. otherwise select no.
  9. Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy? – Enter the legal name of the business
  10. Step-by-step Payment Flows Instructions
    – Costumers download our app from Google play or App’s Store. They can preview our menu that is in the app. They can choose to add each menu in the card. They can then proceed to the checkout screen where they see the order, and can add additional info. They can choose to pay at delivery or directly with PayPal. If the transactions is made we instantly receive this by email and also in our online system. We deliver the order goods.* Make screenshot of the app in the checkout screen and upload it.
    * Add new moderator in mobidonia, and they will use this for testing.
    * In the link field enter the two links to the mobidonia google play simulator and mobidonia app’s store simulator.
    * in the filed bellow enter the username / pass you created for the moderator ( the email doesn’t have to be valid )


  11. Would you like your application considered for listing in our App Gallery?
    – NO
  12. In tha last step you can enter the as service that creates the app.

If you have some problem during this steps feel free to contact our live support or send as an support ticket.