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Appearances Menu

In this menu you can stylise you app.

Here you will see the 3 tabs in the top.


In the images tab, you can upload the App logo, Home background and Standard window background. We have recently introduced the easy and advance mode.

In the easy mode you will have to upload the logo and the big background image.

After you upload this two images you can click on “Generate images” and this will generate  4 background  images in advance mode and in “Apps Store” menu 3 splash screens  background + logo.

This will save you time making the required graphics. You can always change the images once by one in advance mode.

Logo image is required in both advance and easy mode.

Images affect on your app footprint, so we recommend web & device optimized pattern based backgrounds.

Note that if you have “Metro” style navigation, you have to go in “Advance mode” and upload specific image for the top logo.

At the moment all images have to be in .PNG format and follow the required/recommended photo size.


In the colors tab you can change the colours in all sections in the app.

Once you have changed the colours, this changes will be automatically available in the app.

Here how it looks.

We suggest you to first choose some template that we have prepare, and see how it looks. Then you can continue editing the colours to suit your needs.

You can also enter transparent colours. Lear more here.

In the list colour, you can add new colours and this colours will be rotated inside the app list. Ex list of categories, news etc..


In the navigation tab you can change the layout of your app.

First select and manage your app navigation style. Learn how to do that here.

By default in all navigation styles you can manage this elements

  • Button Style: Glow ( for a more stylish buttons with some light over it ), Flat ( follows the material design standard )
  • Navigation Transparency: Here you can change the opacity of the list or tiles inside the menu.

Here you can also change some global settings about the look of your app.

  • Application background type: Should the windows background will be just colour, or you want an image to be displayed as background that you have uploaded in the Images tab.
  • User image style: The users image can be square or circled.