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Accounts in Mobidonia

There are 3 different types of users in Mobidonia

  • Administrator
  • Normal user
  • Moderator


Administrator is user in mobidonia who can manage all users apps.

Normal users

Normal users can make unlimited apps in mobidonia and manage only their own apps.

To become normal user in mobidonia you can register for user account here.

You should verify you email right after you register inside mobidonia.

You can also become normal user by “Login with Facebook”. We will use your email from Facebook to make your account in mobidonia.

You can’t register with the same email you used to login with facebook.


Moderator is artificial user, made by Normal user. That kind of user can have access to only 1 pre made app. he can’t add new applications.

Normal user can add new moderator by going in the app dashboard  and go bellow in the form “Add app moderator“.

The moderator user doesn’t have access to the pricing model of the app.